Friday, December 28, 2007

We Have a Bun!

My beta was scheudled for yesterday. I've never wanted to do anything less in my life. I was so incredibly anxious. Afterall, if I don't know at least I can pretend, right? I wanted to pretend awhile longer. I did decide that if I was going to get another negative - I could at least control the circumstances under which I learned the news. I wanted to know before the phone call. I couldn't bear to hear "I'm so sorry...." one more time. So - I used a home pregnancy test.

Just before I left for my appointment I ran in my bathroom, avoiding my sweet and nervous husband as to avoid him finding out and peed on that dreaded stick. The urine moved along the results window as always but the negative line didn't show quite as fast as usual. It took it's time. It did apprear though and I closed my eyes and silently sobbed, resigned to yet another negative test. I half-opened my eyes - looked at the stick and there it was. That elusive second line. It wasn't even a faint second line. A dark second line. All of sudden I was ready for my blood test!

I went to the doctor cautiously excited and the nurse took my blood. She then told me that their office doesn't process bloodwork same-day so I owuld have to wait until today to hear the news.

This morning, I got the call. The nurse said my numbers look great. She said "You are deinfetely p-------". My HcG was 133 and my Progesterone was 77 yesterday. Of course - then I immediately started worrying that my beta was low but it looks like it's perfectly average for 10 days post a 5 day transfer.

I'm very happy. More than happy, though I am cautious. I have more bloodwork scheduled for Monday to see of the numbers are doubling the way they should. Of course - I won't hear any news until Wednesday, then.

But - for the time being I am truly trying to be positive and confident. I can not bring myself to use the "p" word or the "b" word that ends with a "y". So - my husband and I have decided we will refer to our curreent state as "bun" success. Project Baby 2007 has ened with a bun in the oven! Let's hope it continues to rise!


Sue said...

Congratulations - what great news! Hopefully this is just the beginning of many more good things to come in 2008.

Kami said...

Great news! Hope it all continues to go well.

orodemniades said...


Tracy said...

Congratulations on your bun! Can't wait to hear how it continues to "bake." Ok, that was totally cheesy...but you know what I mean.

stacyb said...

here's to your bun and to continued rising!

Drowned Girl said...

I am so so pleased for you!


midlife mommy said...

Great, great news!

earthvenus said...

I'm so excited for you !!!! I've been watching your blog for many weeks now . . . Im making the same journey to Zlin this spring, having also decided to used donor eggs. What a wonderful outcome!

ChelleBez said...

Hi, a good friend of mine found your blog for me this weekend. My husband and I have been doing infertility for over a year now and I just had a laparoscopy two months ago that ended in an endometrial resection and ovarian drilling. This past month has been our first attempt to get pg since the surgery, and we should know next week. My hopes aren't high, but we'll see.

Congratulations your test results! I can only imagine how you must feel after going through everything you have to get to this point. I wish you all the best, and look foward to checking back!