Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Morning, Progesterone

I take my words back - I feel it. I definitely feel it now. It is here and it is kicking my ass. All that progesterone finally hit me - like one of those cartoon characters strolling along whistling without a care in the world when suddenly a piano falls fron a window and leaves them splattered on the pavement. 3 am - Good Morning, progesterone - thanks for stopping by.

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stacyb said...

just getting caught up on your last few days.

first off: welcome back.

glad there we so many good quality embryos to transfer (a grade of one or two is great). our doctor always said to us he'd see grade ones that didn't go anywhere and grade 3's that grew so i'd say you've got nice odds.

finally, sorry that the progesterone is kicking in, but on the other hand i it's good it's being absorbed -- i mean that you can feel it.