Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home...

We are back home. We got in around mid-night last night. It was a really long travel day.

So - our transfer was Monday. Everything went well. We did end up transferring 3 embryos. One was a grade 2 but 2 were Grade 1. One of those was an advanced blastocyst and the other was an early blast. The embryologist said the early stage blast would probably be caught up within a few hours. We struggled with how many to transfer as the grade 2 was fragmented but our RE said they are self-healing and it may be fine.

We are officially in that hell called the 2 week wait. Our schedule wasn't exactly as I had hoped as our donor needed an extra day of stim. We had to drive back to Prague right after the transfer and then flew yesterday (day after transfer). The interstate between Zlin and Prague are not the greatest - they are very bumpy. Imagine driving over those little raised lines in the road you hit before stop signs --- that's what the drive was like for about 2 of the 4 hours. I joked with my husband that they either attached to the lining just to end the tumbling effect or they bounced right out of me. He assured me that they couldn't bounce out.....

I felt alot of "twinges" yesterday. I guess that could be from a lot of things but I like to think it's those little embies snuggling in. :-)

I'm constantly worried about my progesterone levels - I am taking in an insane amount of progesterone but don't feel tired or sick which worries me. Progesterone normally hits me pretty hard but I just don't feel anything this time. I'm doing 3 100mg pills a day, one 2cc injection in the morning and a vaginal suppository in the evening. I should feel sick or tired from all of that shouldn't I?

I just scheduled my BETA with my OBGYN for the 27th. 14 days post transfer is New Years Eve - I would rather not hear bad news on New Years Eve - at least if it's bad I will have a couple of days to recover before I write off 2008.... BUT - hoping and praying for good news.

Honestly - I can't even bear to think about the beta. I just don't want that phone call again. I almost don't even want to take the test and just see what happens naturally. The thought of that pain again is just unbearable. Of course that doesn't make much sense and I will take the test but - for the record - I really don't want to.


orodemniades said...

Good luck with the transfer!

Although I never did the shots, I was on 3x 100 progesterone pessaries a day until I was 12-14w along. I stopped when Dr C said to me 'pregnancy loss at this point won't be because of progesterone or lack thereof'. Also, my cervix was really irritated and i couldn't stop spotting.


Tracy said...

Wowsa on the progesterone! I can't believe you aren't feeling anything. But, I guess that's good??

Glad to hear you have 3 embryos in there getting cozy.

I know what you mean about the fear. My cycle just starts tomorrow and already I'm petrified.

I'll be checking in on you...hang in there. Welcome home.

Kami said...

That is a lot of progesterone! Crazy!

Good luck!