Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fertilization Report

We got the call with our fertilization report this morning as we were taking pictures in front of the Imperial Palace in Vienna. 14 of the 25 fertilized so we are scheduled for a day 5 transfer on Monday! My husabnd took the call. I was literally jumping up and down on the street when he told e the news. I'm so very please so far. I'm feeling very positive and hopeful. Now we're just praying for several perfect blastocysts to transfer Monday.

We've been dicussing today whether we should transfer 2 or 3, god-willing 3 make it that far. I think we've agreed to transfer 3. I know there are potential problems with Triplets but I also know of several women that have trasnferred 3 and only had a singleton. I would hate to miss that one. I would love love love twins, as most of use would, I'm sure. Still need to do lots of thinking about this but 3 is in my mind right now.

Now - Vienna. Ahhh, Vienna...... This is, without a doubt, the mosdt romantic city I've ever visited. It's absolutley beautiful with tons of culture and history and the right amount of sophistication. It's just lovley. We have had the best time here. We are planning to extend our trip by a day and stay longer. There's so much to see and take in. I'm just having the best time with my wonderful husband in this dreamy setting.

I'm praying for all 14 of those little embryos!


Tracy said...

Good luck on continued success this cycle!

Kami said...

Have a great time until the transfer. It sounds like things are going wonderfully!

stacyb said...

great news! enjoy your holiday. sounds like things are going as well as once could hope right now!

Karen said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your 14 embryos too. You make me want to visit Vienna.:-)