Monday, September 10, 2007

If at First You Don't Succeed.....

We have made a decision! I'm so excited to just move out the holding pattern we've been in. I just feel like I need to constantly be moving forward. Forward motions helps me feel as if I am progressing - even if I have to double back a few times...

We've decided to go with Donor Egg. We've also decided to work with a clinic in the Czech Republic. I simply can't imagine spending another $25,000 on a chance again. At least in the Czech Republic the cost is roughly half of what it would be, here, in the states and we'll get a fantastic vacation at the same time.

I'm just waiting to find out my dates.

So very happy to be moving again!

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Knock Me Up said...

Just found you from Drowned Girl blog. Congratulations on making this decision. What were the deciding factors that made you decide on the CR for the DE IVF? Were there other countries you checked into?

I look forward to following along as you go through this. I wish you the very best and a lovely result.